Serviced apartments in Reading Berkshire

Serviced apartments in Reading Berkshire

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Reading is a place where you can enjoy working and paying in one place. Reading has all you want is to explore every diversion the place can offer. Aside from the best restaurants ana bars and shops in the Berkshire it also offers serviced apartments that can bring the feel of home while you stay in the city. Serviced apartments in Reading are becoming more popular to many tourists & business Travellers these past few years over hotels because of its wider range of amenities it can offer with reasonable cost.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider serviced apartments over hotels:

1. You’re At home.
Serviced apartment doesn’t just offer a place to sleep over the night; it also gives you a fully furnished feel-of-home space which can rejuvenate your exhausted and tired body to prepare for the next day of adventure. With a well-equipped kitchen, you can cook any food you want to eat for the day that a hotel doesn’t offer. It’s just like how you wake up every day and prepares at home, only better with the beautiful coast of Bournemouth.

2. Bigger space, greater space.
Enjoy the big space of serviced apartments where you can do diverse activities with your co-travellers. Compared to four-wall rooms of hotels, serviced apartments offers more rooms to use. With the same cost to pay, serviced apartments are way more cost-effective than hotels.

3. It’s Movie-Time on Netflix.
Been following a TV series? That’s not a problem! Unlike in hotels, serviced apartments provide free Netflix access during your stay aside from local channels you can watch from your regular televisions every day.

4. Privacy. Enjoy your own sanctuary!
To relax is to have a me-time during vacations. Aside from the beautiful coastal views, you can also extend your relaxation at night during your stay in a serviced apartment.

5. Be your own chef.
Serviced apartments let you use their fully equipped kitchen with oven, microwave, dishwasher, plates, knives, forks, glasses and everything that you’ll usually need when in the kitchen making food to satisfy cravings. So if someone gets hungry at night, anyone or even you could be the chef-of-the-day.

6. No more frustrating “check-in-check-out”.
Who loves queuing when all you want is to relax? Airbnb continues to introduce serviced apartments to many tourists. Compared from checking-in in a hotel room, you can stay longer in serviced apartments as long as you want while you enjoy Reading like locals.

7. Free Wifi.
Having a super-fast and reliable internet connection would be a plus for travelers. With a hassle free internet connection process in a serviced apartment, you can do all your work or business errands during your stay.

8. Turn apartment into office.
Checking-in in a serviced apartment can make you do your work comfortably. With its spacious rooms, you decide where you’ll be able to think and fidget ideas. With its fully furnished room, everything you will need for work is there and accessible anytime.

9. Cost Effective.
A stay in a serviced apartment accommodates long or short term of stays and ideal for extended stays that doesn’t add up too much on cost. Compared with hotels which require an unreasonable cost to add to extend your stay, in serviced apartments every penny has profit.

10. Hangout lounge-ready.
Extend bonding with your co-travellers even at night. Aside from enjoying beach hopping from Reading , the bonding activities are also a special part of a day. Serviced apartments make sure that communication is still present in order to complete the perfect stay of their tourists through designing their fully-furnished rooms as a social-friendly lounge for everyone. This feature is perfect for meetings, team building or even peer and family bonding just to make sure everyone are in-sync with the perfect mood of Reading Berkshire

Either you’ll be on a business trip, family vacation or even having a trip with friends and just want to enjoy Reading, at the end of the day you will need a place to rest your feet and recharge to prepare you for the next hop and enjoy these features of serviced apartments in Reading.