Our Members

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Meet some of our members:

Millie, 26

Millie has lived in Reading since 2017 She is in IT & she is social and always up for a laugh!

Angie, 34

Angie is relatively new to Reading , she joined Placefinders Comunity in 2017 to meet new people and she has settled in well at her house in East Reading

Evo, 31

Evo is originally from Germany and has been living in one of our houses in Town Center since April 2015! He is always smiling and easy to chat to!

Sanjay, 30

Sanjay has been living in one of our houses in Palmer Park since 2015. He is in IT,He is warm, bubbly and always ready for gym

Dan, 31

Dan is a recruiter working in Reading . He has been in placefinders community since July 2014, initially living in South Reading and now in East . In his spare time Dan enjoys keeping fit, watching movies, cooking and exploring Reading night life with his housemates.

Chris, 32

Chris is an Accountant, recently relocated from Auckland NZ and has moved into a one of Placefinders homes in Town . He already knows a few people over here but has been getting involved with placefinders social life to widen his network.

Marcus, 34

Marcus first moved into house share in East Reading since early 2004. He can be found at all of the socials mingling and is a friendly and a great guy! He is been a tenant of Placefinders for over 14 years. We can’t get rid of him