This fee summary is intended as a guide to our prices – charges and fees are subject to individual negotiation depending on your property and the circumstances – we are always happy to discuss fees with you.

Our fees for each service:

Managed: Subject to a maximum fee of 12%

Let Only: Subject to a maximum fee of   2weeks rent.

Rent Collection: Subject to a maximum fee of 8%

Changing a tenancy commencement date after initial tenancy has been agreed:£140.00
Additional property visits (Inspection & Caretaking)£40.00
Attending Court (per hour)£140.00
Changing ownership during term£45.00
Check In / Out – 1 Bed/Studio*£90.00
Check In / Out – 2 Bed*£110.00
Check In / Out – 3 Bed*£120.00
Check In / Out – 4 Bed*£135.00
Check In / Out – 5 Bed*£150.00
Energy Performance Certificate£95.00
Gas Safety Certificate£65.00
Floor plan – house share per room£50.00
Inventory preparation – House share per room£55.00
Inventory Preparation – 1 Bed/Studio£126.00
Inventory Preparation – 2 Bed£136.00
Inventory Preparation – 3 Bed£152.00
Inventory Preparation – 4 Bed£178.00
Inventory Preparation – 5 Bed£210.00
Inventory Update – 1 Bed/Studio£29.00
Inventory Update – 2 Bed£37.00
Inventory Update – 3 Bed£42.00
Inventory Update – 4 Bed£48.00
Inventory Update – 5 Bed£55.00
Organising extra keys/entry fobs£25.00
Overdue Fees£30.00
Preparation of Tenancy Agreement£115.50
Producing bespoke letters on behalf of landlords£31.50
Producing duplicate statements (per annum)£12.50
Renewal of Tenancy Agreement (managed)£70.50
Renewal of Tenancy Agreement (Non-managed)£141.00
Review Landlords own Tenancy Agreement£140.00
Deposit protection fee Annual Fee (Managed)£25.00
Deposit protection fee (Non-Managed)£50.00
Third Party Contract Review£180.00
Waiting at properties with contractors (per hour)£30.00
Writing additional clauses for tenancy agreements£30.00

Placefinders are not currently a member of Client Money Protection Scheme.