Our Referrals

We want your friends

We have built a community of like-minded individuals carefully selected through our interview process. We want to expand the community even more and it’s fairly obvious that generally people are going to be friends with others similar to them, ergo we want them to join us!

If you are a member (current or alumni) and you refer a friend who then goes through to become a Placefinders member as a thank you we will give £50*As an offer until Easter we’ll give you £75. Not bad don’t you agree

If you are a friend of the community, you have friends in the houses and come to the socials but for whatever reason aren’t living in one of our homes yourself, you can become a Placefinders Ambassador. You know enough about what we are looking for to put the right people forward to Placefinders for interview, for everyone you send through who becomes a member we will give you £25 as a thank you for your contribution to the community.

Remember, we are looking for sociable people in full time employment who you’d personally be happy to live with!

To refer someone either email their details or get them to fill out an enquiries form (or you fill it out for them). Ensure they state how they heard of Placefinders  and we’ll take it from there. Interested in joining our Ambassador Scheme? Email us to find out how to get involved.


See you and your friends for a coffee or a prosecco at a social soon.